lateral side

lateral side
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  • lateral collateral ligament — n 1) a ligament that connects the lateral epicondyle of the femur with the lateral side of the head of the fibula and that helps to stabilize the knee by preventing lateral dislocation called also fibular collateral ligament, LCL compare MEDIAL… …   Medical dictionary

  • Side-kick — Coup de pied latéral Coup de pied latéral …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Lateral malleolus — Infobox Bone Name = Lateral malleolus Latin = malleolus lateralis GraySubject = 62 GrayPage = 260 Caption = Lateral aspect of right leg. (Lateral malleolus labeled at lower left.) Caption2 = Coronal section through right talocrural and… …   Wikipedia

  • Lateral release — A lateral release is a surgical procedure to release tight capsular structures (lateral retinaculum) on the outer aspect (lateral aspect) of the kneecap. This is usually performed because of knee pain related to the kneecap (patella) being pulled …   Wikipedia

  • Lateral meniscus — Infobox Anatomy Name = Lateral meniscus Latin = meniscus lateralis GraySubject = 93 GrayPage = 343 Caption = Head of right tibia seen from above, showing menisci and attachments of ligaments. Caption2 = Left knee joint from behind, showing… …   Wikipedia

  • Lateral nuclear group — Infobox Brain Name = PAGENAME Latin = GraySubject = GrayPage = Caption = Thalamic nuclei: MNG = Midline nuclear group AN = Anterior nuclear group MD = Medial dorsal nucleus VNG = Ventral nuclear group VA = Ventral anterior nucleus VL = Ventral… …   Wikipedia

  • Lateral circumflex femoral artery — Infobox Artery Name = PAGENAME Latin = arteria circumflexa femoris lateralis GraySubject = 157 GrayPage = 630 Caption = The profunda femoris artery, femoral artery and their major branches right thigh, anterior view. Circumflex femoral arteries… …   Wikipedia

  • Lateral cervical lymph nodes — Infobox Lymph Name = Lateral cervical lymph nodes Latin = GraySubject = GrayPage = Caption = Deep Lymph Nodes 1. Submental 2. Submandibular (Submaxillary) Anterior Cervical Lymph Nodes (Deep) 3. Prelaryngeal 4. Thyroid 5. Pretracheal 6.… …   Wikipedia

  • Lateral plantar nerve — Infobox Nerve Name = PAGENAME Latin = nervus plantaris lateralis GraySubject = 213 GrayPage = 963 Caption = The plantar nerves. Caption2 = Diagram of the segmental distribution of the cutaneous nerves of the sole of the foot. Innervates = sole,… …   Wikipedia

  • Lateral sacral crest — Infobox Bone Name = Lateral sacral crest Latin = crista sacralis lateralis GraySubject = 24 GrayPage = 108 Caption = Sacrum, dorsal surface. Caption2 = Lateral surfaces of sacrum and coccyx. System = MeshName = MeshNumber = DorlandsPre = c 62… …   Wikipedia

  • Lateral — Lat er*al, a. [L. lateralis, fr. latus, lateris, side: cf. F. lat[ e]ral.] 1. Of or pertaining to the sides; as, the lateral walls of a house; the lateral branches of a tree. [1913 Webster] 2. (Anat.) Lying at, or extending toward, the side; away …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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